Things that make my piss boil

In general I’m a pretty positive person although my social media ramblings can often suggest otherwise but that’s just to drive a reaction. Speaking of driving a reaction , we are all different and each of us has a few things that will… how can i put it delicately “BOIL YOUR PISS“.

Below I have listed just some that in particular heat the urine sufficiently to cause bubbles.Each one I will give a PBR (Piss Boil Rating between 1 to 10)

The slow customer at the till

And by slow I am not referring to velocity, I mean thick. Your queuing behind this person.They have like two items (usually two 6 packs).They wait until the cashier has scanned both item.Then like a bolt of lightening,It suddenly dawns on them that they need money. So they proceed to empty their pockets and handing in a note, oh christ god forbid, they clank 400 coins onto the counter and count out exactly the €8.98 that required (I stand behind with steam in my ears screaming inside “YOU PULLED OUT A TENNER 15 MINUTES AGO, JUST HAND IN THE TENNER YA FUCKWIT”) , not to mention they had been standing in the queue, with just two items.Their maths can’t be that bad that they couldn’t have the exact amount ready instead of getting a surprise that the cashier was going to look for it.And because the slow thick galvanized arab couldn’t do the sums there isn’t a hope he would use the self service till.{PBR=8}


Stupid four legged fucktard of an animal. Bucket, water, heavy stone for all new born and extinct the vermin. I don’t like cats BTW. {PBR=27}


Indicators on a BMW

Like what a waste of engineering.Nuff said. {PBR=9.7}

Fact I don’t own a BMW

Like what a waste of engineering. I could so buck the trend in taking a turn in a BMW. orange light orange light orange light. {PBR=9.82}

Election paperwork

Hello , basically the candidate is telling you that you have had your head up your arse for the previous few months/years and are not informed of the humongous work they have done.And to prove it they will hand you a leaflet.Instruct the postman to deliver it to you 47 times in the run up to the election.Plaster it on the local papers.All because they think your thick.And who pays for all this and the extra 3 bin loads of recycling.Then every god damn poll is destroyed by these ugly fecker. I just don’t get the point of putting the same face on every upright stick.Again suggesting that your memory is lacking and that as you drive the roads and see their face , you will have forgotten it 3.25 seconds later so they remind you. I would personally vote No1 for the guy/gal who refused to publish any leaflets or posters. {PBR=8.5}

People cooing over newborn

“Ah isn’t he beautiful , whose he like…Whose he like” – He’s like a spud.Every baby born is like a spud, so unless mammy or daddy are a potato head then he just looks like a spud.

One week later – “Ah isn’t he beautiful. He’s changed, whose he like now….” NO he hasn’t he’s still a spud. {PBR=6}


Why. Giving people balloons.Why.

“eh em here ya go, happy birthday here’s a rubber sack of my breath” {PBR=7}

iPhone Users

Well what a prize butterfly this person is.How do you know a person has an iPhone.They tell you!!!. They probably drive a BMW too.So far up their own bog hole that they don’t even recognize or credit any other make of phone and look down their noses those who don’t use one.And don’t even get me started with apple or itunes.All I’ll say is the user deserves them.And every situation you hear them mutter “Ohhh I’ve an app for that” {PBR=9.2}

Fact I don’t own an iPhone

Work constraints , Don’t support iphone. Stuck with shitty class Blackberry, with a touch screen. {PBR=9.32}




Fair City

Fair City for those that don’t know is an Irish soap opera based in Dublin. Holy mudderofbejaysus the level of acting skill.Class actors like……

  • Leo my hands,my hands,i dont know what to do with my hands.I’ll just wave them all over the place.
  • Dermot, Mr nice on the verge of getting so mad sometime he will take a swing at someone with Joe’s handbag.
  • Carol, give me another fag to stop the bawling

Soap has gone down big time since they killed off Billy “I think you need to go to the bathroom” Meehan.

R2D2 (my twin 13 yr old daughters) display more deep emotion, believable dramatics when they are asking for a sleep over than the most senior member of that cast.Seriously cringe and upsetting to waste your time. {PBR=9.9}

Silly Bloggers

People who blog about their pet hates….. oh wait……………………..


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