The Big Satirical Punchoff

And in the Red corner we have Waterford Whispers News (WWN), a fine upstanding member of our society delivering pure gold on the satire stage through its website ( and social media accounts ( )  .WWN stands tall with an overall reach the breath of the country.WWN delivering knockout after knockout to all that stand in its path.From the ordinary Joe public, events/history of the world to major celebrities or politicians, they all get the same treatment – knockout every time.


And in the Blue corner we have Denis O’Brien. 18 stone of pure cock.A natural dickhead.This guy uses a different approach, instead of delivering punches he tries to screw the opponent at every opportunity.

Here’s how this one panned out…. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE


WWN delivers it first punch and its a killer satirical blow.


WWN clearly ahead on points after this opening round.


Not liking the pounding he was getting Denis O’Brien falls to his knees and digs into the gutter of his trickery to delivery a feeble attempt at a counter attack.The dreaded solicitors letter asking politely for WWN to stop punching.Surely that the point of this boxing match – NO ?


Denis regaining some points here all be it underhandedly (nothing new in this and surely WWN would have seen this from his previous fights and be prepared)


Another classic blow delivered in true satirical style from the master.Pure Genius.


This is turning into a one sided affair, surely there is little time left and it wont go the full distance.


And its all over WWN wins out, delivering punch after punch of high comedy gold.Denis in fairness tried hard but was the master of his own demise to some extent and he is now spread all over the ring………What could have been a quite affair is now gone viral.


Post fight WWN just had this to say “You know you’re doing something right when a multi-billionaire megalomaniac sends you a cease and desist letter.


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