The dreaded Leaving Cert results

For the day that’s in it – In Ireland the dreaded Leaving cert results.

Probably the most stressful time for some and needlessly so in my opinion.Firstly well done to all who collected their results today, not for the results you got but for seeing it through. For that achievement alone well done. Results are not important in the grand old scheme of things yet so much pressure is put on young kids to do well for the status of it – horse shit and shame on any parent or guardian who puts that pressure on anybody. Yes they may help you down a certain path and are not without significance but they don’t define you.The leaving cert in itself is an achievement but its value can be argued. Your result is not necessarily a measurement of your intelligence.It could very well be just a good measure of your memory.

At 17 or 18 very few know exactly what they want to do and looking back from my age bracket there are few doing what they do today as if it was part of the master plan back in the day.I wanted to be a mechanic.I wanted to join the army and the old chestnut I want to be an astronaut… none have come to pass for me or have I really headed in that direction. So if you didn’t get what you had hoped for or what your parents have hoped for – take a chill pill – there is more to this old life than all “A”s.You will survive,you will get on the path that’s right for you. Now if you did get all “A”s well done on remembering all that crap that you will never use again.And if your a C or D student like me or worse remember it don’t define you.It doesn’t make you less valuable to this world.

What makes you valuable is you, how you interact and contribute to this world.

Like José Mourinho would be no good to the team if he is on the sideline, suffering from a heart attach and no doctor around.Think about that, We all have our place to contribute.

My view is “The most intelligent among us do not necessarily know the most about things”

So be intelligent – if that’s knowing everything about a certain subject or if that’s knowing not to put your hand on a hot stove then be that.


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